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Catholic Nuns In India Enduring Clergy Sex Abuse For Decades

Nuns of Kochi in Kerala, India, in a protest march,
seeking justice for the alleged rape of a
fellow nun by Bishop Franco Mulakkal (Sept. 11, 2018)
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Nuns in India are speaking out. They are speaking about certain members of the Catholic clergy (priests and bishops) who have been abusing nuns for years, even decades. 

The latest Associated Press (AP) report speaks of this in detail. It says, "Across India, the nuns talk of priests who pushed [them] into their bedrooms and of priests who pressured them to turn close friendships into sex. They talk about being groped and kissed, of hands pressed against them by men they were raised to believe were representatives of Jesus Christ."

The AP report continues, "'He was drunk,' said one nun, beginning her story. 'You don't know how to say no,' said another. At its most grim, the nuns speak of repeated rapes, and of a Catholic hierarchy that did little to protect them."

"The Vatican has long been aware of nuns sexually abused by priests and bishops in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa, but it has done very little to stop it, The Associated Press reported last year."

The AP, in its special investigation of a single country -- India --, uncovered "a decades-long history of nuns enduring sexual abuse from within the church." 

Does it sound deafening? Yes, but reality-wise, no. Where there is a sex organ, there is sexuality -- either active sexuality or repressed sexuality. Catholic celibate priests are supposed to live repressed sexuality -- an asexual life, but in reality, it is not so. Celibacy and sexual chastity of the clergy, although hammered into our ears all the time by the Church teaching, have been proven to be a fiction in the two-thousand-year history of the Catholic Church. A lie about these 'men of God,' or 'representatives of Christ,' or 'alter Christus' (the other Christ) is being propagated in a resounding voice without taking the reality of human life into consideration. 

Pope Francis, therefore, on his January 28 return journey to Rome from Panama, spoke to reporters aboard his plane and said: "We have to deflate the expectations [from the Feb. 21-24 world gathering of bishops in Rome dealing with clergy sex abuse of minors] ... because the problem of abuse will continue because it is a human problem, and it is everywhere."  He further said, "It is a human drama that we have to be conscious of, even us, resolving the problem in the Church, but also in society, in families." 

Please read the following for more on the situation of  nuns in India and some other countries:

(Updated on February 8, 2019)

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