Friday, March 27, 2009

Bangladesh War of Independence: The Killing Field of East Pakistan


Beginning from March 25, 1971, the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was the premeditated killing field of the West Pakistani ruling elite and their marauding soldiers.

Their anger, their revenge, their discriminatory behaviour, and their sadistic atrocities were realized in the nine-month long genocide in East Pakistan. The photos below speak for themselves.

Like thousands of others in Dhaka, these rickshaw-pullers
also mercilessly killed on the night of March 25, 1971

Setting fires on structures and burning them to the ground
was also another form of brutality of the West Pakistani soldiers

Another killing field on a bank of a river
As people fled away from their villages, there was none to
bury the slaughtered victims of the West Pakistani army

_Wading knee-deep water, villagers are leaving their abodes
and taking shelter in a safe place far away from the army presence

To avoid army atrocities, the old, weak and infirm
are being carried away to safer areas

These villagers left their households and became
internal refugees in a safer place
More people who were forced to leave their own homes

Photo Courtesy: The Press Information Department,
Government of Bangladesh (1972)

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