Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flirting With the Past: A House Rent Receipt Speaks History


A two-room-house rent receipt,
 dated January 9, 1943 (Calcutta, India)

It was 1942-1943. Calcutta (presently called Kolkata) was then in the British-ruled India. The British and their allies were fighting the deadly Second World War with the Nazi Germany and her allies -- Italy, Turkey and Japan.

The above receipt gives a picture of the renting situation. My dad, Peter D'Costa, kept this receipt with him for decades. Now I find history in it. I do not know the conversion rate of the Indian rupees during the Second World War, but at present rate Rupees 30.00 is equal to US $0.68 only!

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(Updated on January 12, 2018)

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