Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Photos on the Bangladesh War of Independence of 1971


West Pakistani soldiers did not spare even unarmed
rickshaw-pullers in Dhaka city on the first day (March 25, 1971)
of their 9-month genocidal crackdown on the
East Pakistanis (Bangladeshis)

Photo courtesy: Press Information Dept. (PID), Govt. of Bangladesh (1972)

There's a saying, "A picture speaks a thousand words." The power of a picture, image or photo is unfathomable, when it deals with an event that's the turning point in history. The photos on the Bangladesh Liberation War, also known as Bangladesh War of Independence, are all the more essential now to understand the severity of the 1971 genocidal war against unarmed civilians of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Photos are also needed to document the history of this event.

You may browse the following websites and blogs to view photos that give a real picture of the genocide of 1971. These photos are a testament to the atrocities and injustices against fellow men, lust for remaining in power, and the selfish short-sightedness of the Pakistani ruling elite (politicians and army brasses) of the day. These also prove the failure of the international community to intervene and stop the genocide in the name of the "non-interference in the internal affairs" of Pakistan.

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  1. Hello, I was an 8 yr old Canadian living there during the war. My father was a grout specialist engineer working on the Tarbela dam. I am looking for answers to my haunting memories and my parents will not speak about it...I cannot find any of the other foreign families that were there during this war while our fathers worked on the dam... any insight?