Sunday, October 1, 2017

'Probondoshomogro': A Book of Essays and Articles by Father Benjamin Costa, C.S.C.

The book cover of Probondoshomogro, written by Father Benjamin Costa, C.S.C., the then Acting Vice-Chancellor of  Notre Dame University Bangladesh
This 400-page Bengali-language book, by Father Benjamin Costa, C.S.C. – former professor and Acting Vice-Chancellor of Notre Dame University Bangladesh, was published in early 2017 by Lekhaprokash of Dhaka.

It contains a collection of 58 write-ups, previously published in different newspapers, magazines, and journals in Bangladesh.

The main thread of his writings is God is love and we need to put that love into practice in our daily lives irrespective of our professions and religions.

The varied topics he covered in his book are:

  • God, and being holy like God
  • Jesus Christ (Christmas, Easter, Jesus as the ideal teacher)
  • Kingdom of God: social perspectives
  • Catholic Church and other Christian Churches
  • Role of Churches in spreading Christ’s teachings
  • Unity of Christian Churches
  • Spirituality, and personal and collective spirituality
  • Spirituality of religion teachers
  • Spiritual formation of social-development workers
  • Father Basil Moreau’s vision and present-day Congregation of Holy Cross
  • The Congregation of Holy Cross in Bangladesh: its past and present situation
  • Holy Cross Novitiate in Bangladesh
  • History of formation of priest-candidates of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Bangladesh
  • Moral and spiritual formation of children and adolescents
  • Family being the seed-beds of religious vocations
  • Role of family in building corruption-free society
  • Role of youth organizations in the formation of values
  • Role of the youth in the present realities of life
  • Characteristics of a successful youth leader
  • Teaching and teachers, and the role of teachers in changing societies
  • The necessity of self-giving and self-dedication in the teaching profession
  • How to curb students' increasing cheating or cribbing tendencies in academic tests and examinations
  • Human rights, including those of minority communities, in the light of the Bangladesh Constitution
  • Human rights, labour rights, and family rights
  • Justice for peace and harmony in society
  • Women’s rights in Christianity and present situation
  • Basic and indivisible inheritance of all peoples
  • Need of prayers for world peace and welfare of peoples
  • Inter-religious communion and harmony
  • Peaceful coexistence and cooperation among followers of different faiths
  • Religious directions on religious fraternity and harmony
  • Poet Nazrul Islam and inter-religious harmony
  • Medical care is a liberating service
  • Non-violence and world peace
  • Globalization of religious beliefs
  • Role of religion in countering terrorism
  • Role of families in countering terrorism 
This book will enlighten both Christian and non-Christian readers, who can learn something valuable from it for the benefit of themselves and others.

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