Friday, August 30, 2013

Divorce in Muslim Community in Canada Is on the Increase

The cover story on Muslim divorces in Canada, published in the Bengali-language 'Probashi Kantho' fortnightly of August 1 - 15, 2013 in Toronto
The Probashi Kantho, a Bengali-language fortnightly from Toronto in its August 1-15, 2013 cover story, mentions that the divorce in the Canadian Muslim Community is alarmingly on the increase. This community comprises of Muslims coming from all over the world. Bangladeshi Muslims in Canada are not immune from the divorces. The similar situation exists in the USA. 

Different surveys show this to be so. In the Bangladeshi Muslim community, especially among the young and second-generation families, divorce is on the rise. These people, in spite of their own culture, have been embracing Canadian culture as well. The latter is having more influence on them.

Reasons for the divorces are: higher education and jobs among Muslim women making them more assertive, free-spirited, and self-reliant; spousal differences in sharing of family responsibilities; undue interference of in-laws; economic struggles; both-way spousal abuses (emotional, mental or physical); infidelity, and others. 

When asked, whether they were happier than before being divorced, 90.61% of the respondents replied “yes.”

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