Friday, April 30, 2010

The Photo Meditation of the Month (April, 2010): SIMPLICITY


A child, on his mother's lap at a women's
group meeting, is a symbol of simplicity

Photo (Chitolmari, Dt. Bagerhat, Bangladesh: May 6, 1995)
© Jerome D'Costa


Simplicity is a great virtue. The Bible teaches us time and again about the virtue of simplicity. A child is a symbol of simplicity.

Simplicity is devoid of vanity, pride, showmanship, cunningness and revenge. Simplicity means love, simplicity means kindness, simplicity means humility, and simplicity means peaceability.

Simplicity in word, deed, dress and thinking leads a person to greatness. People naturally like a person who is simple.

A simple person can influence more persons in an affirmative way. He or she can give rise to simplicity in others, too. All great persons, in general, were simple persons, whose influence and effect are still felt in this world.

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