Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Guerrilla Archiving Trying to Save Data from Climate Change Foes

Image design on 'Guerrilla Archiving' by Jerome D'Costa
'Guerrilla archiving' is a new concept that's being hastily implemented now. It is a quick and concerted collaborative effort of many in copying and saving data on environment,  global warming, and climate change from U.S. federal government servers to safe servers elsewhere in the U.S.A. and Canada for fear of this data being lost or willfully being deleted by climate change foes in the coming Donald Trump government, starting from January 20, 2017. 

Donald Trump in his election campaign speeches denied the climate change, terming it a hoax invented by the Chinese. He also in the mean time nominated a climate change denier as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Under these circumstances, environmentalists and climate change researchers are worried about losing years of climate and environmental research for future generations. The guerrilla archiving is trying to counter this. 

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