Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Photo Meditation of the Month (March, 2011): GRIEF


Cyclone-victims of Urir Char, taking shelter in the nearby
Sandwip Island in the Bay of Bengal, grieving over their
near and dear ones lost in the deadly cyclone

Photo (Sandwip Island, Bangladesh: May, 1985) © Jerome D'Costa


Grief comes in one's life on the loss of near or dear one. It's an integral part of one's life. Grief, in the form of crying, confusion or disbelief on what actually happened, takes over the life for a time.

A grieving person may feel helpless seeing no hope for the future as the woman in the above photo. She lost her husband and children in the deadly cyclone in the last week of May of 1985. Shortly after midnight, four to five metre high waves, accompanied by strong winds, swept over the low-lying Urir Char island. Fortunately, this woman, like some other people, could save herself by clinging on to a branch of a tree and floating in the bay. She has no earning member left. This lonely and helpless situation is the hardest burden to bear.

Neighbours' help is most essential for a grieving person. As neighbours, we need to be empathetic in our words, gestures and actions. We need to provide company, sharing and hope to such a person. Our effort will gradually help the affected person get over the feeling of emptiness, loneliness and hopelessness. The person then will be able to be a part of the rhythm of normal life and move forward with confidence and hope.

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