Monday, October 26, 2015

Justin Trudeau Elected New Prime Minister of Canada

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau is the new Prime Minister of Canada after October 19 election defeat of incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper
A post-election cartoon on Justin Trudeau and a long list of his electioneering promises that need to be realized now
Cartoon courtesy: National Post

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party, in the October 19 election, won 184 parliamentary seats out the total of 338 and is now set to form the majority government. As the leader of this party Justin Trudeau will be the next Prime Minister replacing the incumbent Stephen Harper. 

The Conservative Party (PC) won 102 seats, New Democratic Party (NDP) 44 seats, Bloc Quebecois 10 seats, and the Green Party 1 seat. In the 2011 election, the Liberal Party was in the third position.

Trudeau is the son of Pierre Eliott Trudeau, who was Canada's Prime Minister twice -- once from 1968 to 1979 and again from 1980 to 1984. His father died in 2000. 

Many of the newly-elected Liberal Party MPs are brand new. These rookie members of the parliament will be like "kids in the candy store!" Justin Trudeau needs to give them a thorough orientation, training and mentoring so that they devote their work in the service of all people in their ridings rather than accumulate wealth and prestige, speak trash out of euphoria, and create scandals. 

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