Friday, June 28, 2013

The Toronto Sun Columnist Terms Pakistan the Ground Zero of International Terrorism

Tarek Fatah's June 26, 2013 column in the Toronto Sun
Image courtesy: Toronto Sun (Toronto, Canada)

Tarek Fatah, a Pakistan-born Canadian and a columnist for the Toronto Sun weekly, in a recent column terms Pakistan as the “ground zero of international terrorism.” 

He writes: “It seems Israel and America are blind beyond Iran. While Iran possesses no nuclear warheads, it is considered the primary threat to world peace. On the other hand, Pakistan, with an arsenal of more than 100 nukes, continues to be fed billions of American dollars while Israel seems oblivious to Islamabad’s threat."

He then enumerates with dates the acts of terrorism perpetrated by Pakistanis in different countries of the world from September, 1986 to May, 2010. 

He usually writes on issues related to Islam and Muslims. There are Muslims and others who support him for his moderate Islamic stance and there are other Muslims who denounce him for not supporting radical Islam.

His full column, “Pakistan: a bigger threat than Iran,” can be read by clicking on the image above and his other columns can be accessed at:Toronto Sun/Tarek Fatah.

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