Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bangladeshi Teenage Couple Observes Valentine's Day Suicidally

It was February 14, the Valentine’s Day. This is the day to celebrate the love of a couple – married or unmarried. This year, the Valentine’s Day, however, became a Double-D Day (Double-Death Day) for two Bangladeshi teenagers deeply in love.

Soud Sheikh (17) and Mitu Mollah (16) were from two neighbouring villages in Gopalganj Distirct, Bangladesh. Their love, initially secret, grew in intensity and ultimately became public. Parents of the girl, Mitu, became furious and, two months ago, took her to a town 200 kilometres (120 miles) away and forced her into marriage with a man twice her age.

Soud Sheikh was a student in Dhaka city. He returned to his village on February 13 to meet his loved one who had returned to her parents’ house for a few days. On February 14, they climbed a cell-phone tower, tied their hands with a scarf, and made a jump together. Their severely injured bodies were found at the foot of the tower and they died on the way to the local clinic.

Soud had called his brother earlier saying that he and Mitu would commit suicide on the Valentine’s Day so that they might be together in future life.

The local police suspect that these two teenagers must have used their cell-phones to decide on their suicide pact, reports AFP.

Bangladesh, in general, has a conservative attitude towards free mixing and free love between a male and a female. Usually the parents or guardians decide on the arranged marriages. Every year, a remarkable number of lovers commit suicide when their love faces hard challenge and rejection from parents or guardians.

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