Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Poem of the Month (August, 2011): NATURAL DISASTERS


A doodle on the 1992 cyclone in Bangladesh
Doodle (Dhaka: November 21, 1992) © Jerome D'Costa

Natural disasters come, natural disasters go

Unexpectedly, beyond any human reach.

To some, disasters come from God

As trials or punishments,

To others, they are part of

The Nature’s cycle of vagaries.

For the last few decades,

Natural disasters are occurring

At a frequent rate,

With ominous ferocity and calamity.

Some say, mankind with its greed and self-centeredness,

Mistreating the Nature and its environment

In a naked and unabashed manner.

As citizens of this world

We need to lead our lives most responsibly

So that our man-made global warming

Might not trigger the Nature’s frequent furies.

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