Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homosexuality: Another Dimension of Human Sexual Behaviour -- 9


This gay person, participating in the 2011 Gay
Pride Parade in Toronto, has a sleeveless T-shirt with
the homosexual term "fag" (homosexual) emblazoned on it

Photo (Toronto: July 3, 2011) © Jerome D'Costa

Percentage of Homosexual Population

Opinions differ on exactly what percentage of population in a certain country is gay (homosexual), but the following will give you an idea that a small number of people is gay in comparison to heterosexual persons.

Homosexual Terms

As any subject in this world has its own special terms or jargons, so does the subject of homosexuality. There are certain jargons that are used by the homosexual community alone, others outside this community will have no clue to their meanings. Many of these terms are too vulgar or crude to mention in the public.

Now let's have a little peek at some of the homosexual terms.

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