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Books and DVD Films on Mother Teresa of Calcutta - 3

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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3. DVD and VHS Films on Mother Teresa:

  • Completely Christ's (DVD).
  • Gift of Love: Music to the Words and Prayers of Mother Teresa by Bradley James. (CD).
  • Mother Teresa (DVD -- by the 20th Century Fox).
  • Mother Teresa (Her heart found the forgotten, her faith found a way) (DVD -- directed by Fabrizio Costa) (2003).
  • Mother Teresa: Woman of Compassion (Great Souls Series) (Vision Video) (VHS) (2002). (56 minutes).
  • Mother Teresa (Intimate Portrait Series) (VHS) (1999).
  • Mother Teresa and Her World (VHS film) (2000).
  • Mother Teresa Speaks at the National Blue Army Shrine (DVD).
  • Mother Teresa: A Life of Devotion (A&E Biography Series) (DVD and VHS) (1987).
  • Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor (A TV dramatization of Mother Teresa's Life, directed by Kevin Connor) (DVD & VHS) (1997). (1 hour 32 minutes).
  • Mother Teresa: Life of Devotion (DVD) (2004).
  • Mother Teresa: The Legacy (Directed by Ann & Jeanette Petrie and narrated by Actor Richard Attenborough) (DVD and VHS) (2008).
  • Mother Teresa: Seeing the Face of Jesus (DVD). (1998) (35 minutes).
  • The Fifth Word -- The Life of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta (An animated film) (DVD and VHS) (60 minutes).
  • Mother Teresa (They Could Be Saints Series) (An EWTN DVD).
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