Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today is the Bangladesh Victory Day


Bangladesh Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day)
Graphics © Joachim Romeo D'Costa

Bangladesh observes its 38th Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day) today. This victory was achieved over the West Pakistani forces bent on the nine-month genocide of the East Pakistanis in the area what now is known as Bangladesh. It was a genocide because it was a planned extermination of men, women and children throughout East Pakistan.

This victory was possible due to the guerrilla struggle by our valiant muktijuddhas (freedom fighters), death of over three million people in the hands of the West Pakistani forces and their local allies, rape of about 300,000 women, sacrifices of millions of East Pakistanis who were forced to leave their homesteads to become internal refugees as well as over 10 millions who took refuge to India, active cooperation of India, and moral support of many other countries.

This victory gradually received world acceptance and Bangladesh was recognized as the new and sovereign country. Although West Pakistan, that became 'Pakistan' with the cessation of East Pakistan, gave recognition to Bangladesh and has diplomatic relations with it, failed miserably in extending official apology and making reparations for the genocide.

Today, Bangladesh, in spite of its myriad problems, made its place in the world arena and its people are making contributions in different fields. Bookmark and Share