Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catholic Mother Forgives Her Son's Alleged Killers in Bangladesh

Sumoti Costa, an ordinary village housewife, belonging to the Mathurapur Catholic Church in Pabna District, forgave her son's alleged murderers by dropping charges against them.

Eight years ago, her 22-year-old son Sujon was stabbed to death when he refused to hand over a large amount of money demanded by local non-Christian extortionists. He had just returned from work in the Middle East to visit his sick grandmother. After six months of Sujon's death, his father Sontosh died from being distressed by his death.

Although the family of Sumoti did not file any charges against the culprits, the police brought charges of murder against several people. When the trial was about to begin recently, Sumoti announced her forgiveness of the perpetrators and the court dismissed the case upon her official plea.

Father Patrick Gomes, the parish priest of Mathurapur, mentioned that Sumoti's action was "a shining example of Christian forgiveness for people of all religions," reports UCANews.

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