Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Poem of the Month (May, 2009): MOTHER


A doodle on mother (© Jerome D'Costa)

Today is the Mother's Day. Every year, the second Sunday of May is observed as the Mother's Day. On this day, one's own mother is especially remembered and honoured. On this occasion I offer the following poem.

Ma, Madar, Mader, Mai, Mamm, Mama, Mamma,
Mana, Mata, Mater, Matre, Matka, Meme, Mere,
Moeder, Mom, Mutter -- all mean the same, the 'Mother'.

Mother is the life-giver, she is the procreatress.
We are here because of the mother.

We and the mother were intimately connected
Through the precious umbilical cord.

We breathed the same air, we shared the same blood,

We shared the same joy, we shared the same pain,

As the mother did.

After birth, we knew the mother
Through her body odour, warm touch and sweet voice.
She was the extension of ourselves,
She was the other half of ourselves.

Mother was our first teacher, our first friend.
She was our first playmate, our first peer.
She was our first mentor as well as the first disciplinarian.
What we are today, it is because of her.

She had imperfections, she had weaknesses as a human being.

Yet, she is our mother.
A mother is a mother.

Let us appreciate her, let us give her our deepest respect and honour.
Let us also thank God for giving us a mother.

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