Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Photo Meditation of the Month (May, 2009): FLOWERS


Photos (Toronto: June, 2008) © Jerome D'Costa


Flowers -- what a creation! They grow all over the world -- from extreme cold regions of the Arctic and temperate zones to extremely hot climes of the deserts.

They come and go, yet they leave an euphoric impression on our minds. They make us think of the mystery of the Nature and its creator.

Some flowers are annuals, others perennials. They are there for every season of the year. They bring the good news and hope to us. They stir our minds and provide a pleasant sensation.

We speak of flowers in terms of "budding", "blooming", "wilting" and "falling" -- all are active verbs, all speak of actions and movements. That's the beauty of the flowers.

Young and old -- all are attracted to flowers. All want to view them, touch and feel them, and smell them.

Flowers speak a language understandable by persons of any race, culture and region. Flowers can melt any hard heart.

In death they live, too. Flowers help us decorate our houses, workplaces and houses of worship. Flower petals are used for making perfumes. Bees collect flower nectar for making honey. By dying they give us seeds and fruits -- either for consumption or for planting in the next season.

Flowers are symbols of innocence, purity, love, sweetness, sympathy and procreation. They are one of the greatest friends of mankind.

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