Thursday, February 19, 2009

President Barack Obama Visits Canada


On his first foreign visit as the President, Barack Obama was in Canada on a seven-hour visit today. " I love this country," he said and thousands of spectators waiting in cold and muggy weather returned their respect and admiration from far.

Canadian Governor General Michelle Jean, who is also a black, received the US President at the airport in Ottawa, capital of Canada. She is said to have told the President: "You would never have imagined that you and I could both be here like today, coming from African descent," reports the Toronto Star.

President Obama then went to the Parliament Hill and met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and promised closer cooperation on the troubled economy and environment. They also talked amicably about border security, war in Afghanistan and free trade.

The President said: "I came to Canada on my first trip as president to underscore the closeness and importance of the relationship between our two nations and to reaffirm the commitment of the United States to work with friends and partners to meet the common challenges of our time," reports the Canadian Press.

President Obama promised to come to Canada again in warmer days. Canadians would be happy to have him in their midst as they have a special fascination for him. Bookmark and Share