Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Poem of the Month (January, 2009): CANADA, O CANADA


Canada, O Canada

Canada, O Canada, you're the land of peace and happiness,
Where the West meets the East, the North the South,
Where reign the freedom and dynamic spirit,
An unparalleled land having unity in diversity.

Two oceans lovingly embrace thee in their bosoms,
The Great Lakes and numerous rivers sustain thee,
Like the maple, birch, cedar, spruce and pine,
The cod, halibut, salmon and trout make thee unique.

Your population weaves a tapestry of many colours,
Red, white, black, yellow and brown,
Coming as refugees, immigrants, and fortune seekers,
Creating a rich fusion of ideas, cultures, languages and arts.

Let's be vigilant against colourism and regionalism,
That can spoil thy unity and inner beauty,
Let's all breathe the same fresh air, enjoy the same sunshine,
Under the large banner of the red maple leaf. Bookmark and Share