Saturday, August 12, 2017

Stolen Babies of Spain

This 1971 photo shows Catholic nuns with a lady who purchased a baby in a Malaga hospital, Spain 
Photo courtesy: BBC

A BBC documentary, called This World: Spain’s Stolen Babies and aired in October of 2011, shows that a secret network of Catholic doctors, nurses, priests, and nuns were complicit with the right-wing Catholic fascist dictator General Franco of Spain (1939 – 1975) in stealing new-born babies and then trafficking them in the name of good and holy cause. Even after the death of the dictator in 1975, this illegal, unjust, and unchristian act continued up to the early 1990's.

General Franco was a rabid right-winger who ruled authoritatively, without giving any legitimate right to the citizens of Spain, and he considered his opponents, especially leftists and communists, as enemies of the state.

To curtail the influence of communism in the country, he pursued a secret policy of stealing babies born to leftist and communist parents (who were thought to be a threat to the government and the Catholic Church and religion) and giving them to government-approved “Catholic” parents for adoption at an exorbitant price. Later, babies born to single mothers, irreligious mothers, and poor mothers, too, were taken and sold similarly. In the name of keeping people Catholic, priests and nuns also cooperated in this vicious venture by providing false birth certificates to these stolen babies and telling birth-mothers that their babies died immediately after birth. The Spanish Church thought that it got a contract from God to keep the country Catholic by any means – lawful or unlawful. It was also a financially profitable business for the Spanish government and the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis, nowadays telling us Catholics to abandon this very judgmental, condemning, and greedy attitude and be merciful and self-sacrificing instead.

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