Monday, March 27, 2017

Anonymous Sketch Artist Leaves His Mark In a TTC Subway Train In Toronto

Sketches found on three pages of the 24 hrs newspaper of March 24, 2017

It was Friday, March 24, when I was going to downtown Toronto on a TTC subway train, I came across a fellow passenger beside me flipping through the day's free daily newspaper 24 hrs

On a few pages, there were some hand-drawn sketches beside some photos of personalities printed with related news. I commented, "Beautiful sketches!" "Oh,no!" the passenger replied, " I didn't do these. These were done by someone else who left the newspaper on this seat." After going through the paper, the passenger left it on the seat and got down in the third station. 

Then the idea came to my mind that I can use the anonymous artist's sketches in my blog as a feature. The result is what you are seeing in this posting of mine. 

Now you may have your take on it. 

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