Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nicknames Given By and To Donald Trump

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Image design (Nov. 4, 2016) © Jerome D'Costa

Call these 'nicknames,' 'epithets,' or 'name-calling,' it was Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who was continuously and vigorously using these against his opponents and perceived 'enemies' (first, the Republican primary contestants, and later Democratic contestants, President Barack Obama, media personnel, members of the minority communities, and others in the USA). In return, other politicians, media personnel, and such also gave him nicknames for his continuous verbal attacks, bombastics, and bullying as well as his acrimonious behaviour and unusual hair colour and style. If a person wants to put others down, others, in return, want to put his or her down, too. These are the perfect examples of that. 

We provide in the above image some samples of nicknames used during this unusually polarizing U.S. presidential campaign in 2015 - 2016.

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