Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pope Francis Makes Provision for Removing Bishops Who Fail to Act on Clergy Sex Abuse

Pope Francis
Pope Francis on June 4 introduced a statute that will make it easier for the Vatican to remove bishops who fail to take appropriate action on sex-abusive priests under their care. This statute will be effective from September 5 this year. 

Clergy sex abuse, especially against children, is present in all the continents of the world. A section of the Catholic priests, forgetting their life of sexual chastity, engage in this heinous crime causing irreparable moral, mental and psychological damage to the underage boys and girls. The Catholic Church as a whole failed miserably in taking action against the guilty priests as well as in providing moral, psychological, and other support to their victims. Now Pope Francis is trying to do more in this field than his predecessors. 

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