Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pope Francis meets Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in Cuba

A kiss of peace between Russian Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis when they met at Cuba's Havana airport VIP lounge on February 12, 2016
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Pope Francis meets privately with Patriarch Kirill in Cuba
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Pope Francis meets with Patriarch Kirill
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 Exactly after 962 years, leaders of both the separated Churches -- Roman Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church -- met and embraced each other in Cuba's Havana airport lounge on February 12. 

Pope Francis, leader of the 1-billion-member Roman Catholic Church, and Patriarch Kirill, leader of the world's 165 million Orthodox Christians, met and exchanged the kiss of peace in their first historic encounter. 

"We are brothers," Pope Francis said as he embraced Patriarch Kirill. Then the patriarch responded,"Now things are easier," as he and the pope exchanged the kiss of peace. Finally the pope said,"This is the will of God."

For more details on their visit and background information on relations between these two Churches, please read the following:

(Updated on March 5, 2016)

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