Monday, February 22, 2016

Old Bangla (Bengali) Prose

Cover of the book Purono Bangla Goddo (old Bengali prose)
Image courtesy: The Daily Star (Dhaka)

The Bengali-language book, Purono Bangla Goddo, by Professor Anisuzzaman has been published by the Mowla Brothers, Dhaka. It provides the development and examples of old Bengali prose. Lovers of Bengali language and literature would find it both handy and useful.

The writer of the book says: "The history of Bangla prose is generally described from the beginning of the nineteenth century. But most scholars agree that some examples of Bangla prose can be found from the sixteenth century. They say that prose from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century is scattered and limited to records and documents. The development of Bangla prose, on account of continuity and essence, is noticed from the nineteenth century." 

For additional details, please read the following: Old Bangla Prose


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