Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Malaysian Wives of Bangladeshi Migrants Form a Club

Malaysian wives of Bangladeshi migrant workers in a gathering in Kuala Lumpur on December 5, 2015

L-R: Malaysian wife of a Bangladeshi migrant and their child
Photos courtesy: The Daily Star, Dhaka

In early 199os, Bangladeshi migrant workers and professionals started to work in Malaysia. Now their number is nearing 600,000.

Gradually, these Bangladeshis began to marry local women and have children. Feeling the need for a common forum, some Malaysian wives formed a club, called 'Kelab isteri' (Cute Wives' Club), in 2014, for promoting family values, for having a unity of voice, and for letting their children  connect with culture and tradition of both Bangladesh and Malaysia. Presently, this club has about 200 members. 

For more details on the club and the inter-marriage situation in Malaysia, please read the following:

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