Friday, November 20, 2015

We Remember the Victims of Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Artwork: Jerome D'Costa
A total of 130 persons died in Islamic jihadi attacks in Paris on November 13. These coordinated attacks were unleashed on a football stadium (Stade de France), two restaurants (Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge), a bistro (La Belle Equipe), a bar (La Bonne Biere), and a concert hall (Bataclan). 

After these senseless and cowardly attacks, the Islamic State (ISIS) issued a statement saying their motive was "to teach France, and all nations following its path, that they will remain at the top of Islamic State's list of targets, and that the smell of death won't leave their noses as long as they partake in their crusader campaign."

For more details on these attacks and the aftermath, please read the following: 

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