Saturday, November 21, 2015

Italian PIME Missionary Priest Receives Bullet Wounds from ISIS Assailants in Bangladesh

Father Piero Parolari, PIME, after initial surgery in Dinajpur, being placed in the helicopter for flying him to Dhaka for further treatment 
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Several years ago Father Piero Parolari, PIME, is being greeted by school children in a parish in Bangladesh
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Three gunmen on a motorcycle shot at Father Piero Parolari, 64, a PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) missionary bicycling his way to his work at St. Vincent Hospital in Dinajpur, and wounded him seriously on November 18. Initially the identity of the assailants was not known, but later the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Father Parolari, a missionary and a medical doctor, has been working among the poor in Bangladesh since 1985.

With gun-shot wounds on his neck, the priest underwent a surgery in Dinajpur Medical College Hospital and later he was transferred by helicopter to the Combined Military Hospital in Dhaka further treatment.

Christians, Muslims, and Hindus staged several protest gatherings in different parts of Bangladesh condemning the attack and asked the Government for seeking out the culprits and making them to face justice. 

The UCANews reports, "Over the past two weeks, at least seven Protestants have received death threats in the form of text messages. It comes after violent attacks on a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister. Christian leaders say the attacks and death threats are interlinked."

The Italian PIME missionaries have been working in the north and north-west region of Bangladesh for more than 150 years. During the Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971, they gave shelter and food to many Muslim, Hindu, Christian and other internal refugees in their mission and school compounds, and after independence, they did massive relief and rehabilitation work among returning Bangladeshi refugees from camps in India. 

For more details on the attack on Father Parolari, please read the following:

(Updated on December 11, 2015)

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