Monday, November 23, 2015

A Commentary of Father William Grimm, M.M., on "'Ours is a religion of peace': The Stark reality is that most religions are not"

Father William Grimm, M.M.
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 Father William Grimm, M.M., publisher of the UCANews -- an independent Catholic news agency in Asia, on November 20, wrote a commentary on 'Ours is a religion of peace.' 

In this write-up he demonstrates that this is mostly a programmed response which can be heard from adherents of any religion when faced with the question of religion-based violence around. 

In reality, Father Grimm says, most religions do not prove to be religions of peace. He shows how western Christianity, in the past, in the name of Jesus' love and peace, used the religion as an instrument of persecution and violence within the Churches and without, for example, inquisition, religious wars between Churches, and crusades.   

He says, now some Muslims are using Islam to justify their acts of injustice and violence. 

Father Grimm predicts: "If, as seems likely, history will repeat itself, we are facing a century of increasing violence by Muslim fanatics mainly within the Muslim world. That violence will likely produce such overwhelming revulsion that more and more people will renounce the religion and become a force to defang it. That has happened before; it happened to Western Christianity."

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