Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope Francis Simplifies Catholic Marriage Annulment Process

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Pope Francis, on September 8, introduced a new law allowing for quicker decisions and removing automatic appeals to speed up and simplify the Catholic marriage annulment process, reports the National Post.

The annulment process of the Church has been under criticism for a long time for being complicated, expensive and out of reach of many Catholics, especially in poor countries where dioceses don't have marriage tribunals. Many Catholics having the right reasons for getting annulments suffered a lot due to this long-drawn unhelpful process. 

As a result, there were long-lasting demands for reforms of this process. You may read about it here: Pope Francis should consider the church's outdated annulment process (January 13, 2014), and, The Annulment Dilemma: Revisiting a Complicated Process (February 16, 20015). 

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