Friday, May 22, 2015

The TTC Needs A Cleaning

A dead rat and a construction work jacket lying in the west-bound TTC train track in Warden Station (Photo: April 23, 2015)
The same rat and construction work jacket lying in the same place as above for 26 days and nights (Photo: May 19, 2015)
Both the photos © Jerome D'Costa

Yes, literally, the TTC needs a cleaning! The above photos are the proof of that. What's the difference between the first photo and the second photo above? Nothing. For long 26 days and nights the west-bound TTC rail track at the Warden Station did not undergo any cleaning.The dead rat is still there, the construction work jacket, cut into half by the running train, is still lying in the same place. This mess neither drew the attention of the train track cleaners nor their supervisors. What were they doing one wonders.

Does this mess reflect on the present situation of the TTC? A cleaning is needed indeed.

The above event was later echoed in the following write-up in the Toronto Star of May 25, 2015: Dead rat a familiar face to riders at Warden TTC station: Fixer

(Updated on January 10, 2018)

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