Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day: Stories of Some Interfaith Couples in Ontario

L-R: Sahar (Muslim) + Alvaro (Catholic)

Today is the Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air all over.

On this day, it would be both interesting and enlightening to see that there are an increasing number of couples engaging in interfaith relationships.

Colin Boyd Shafer, a teacher-cum-documentary photographer, in his website, called Interlove explores ‘how people with differing beliefs come together in love.”

This website in next few months will profile 100 couples across Ontario with their individual stories. A number of stories, already published, are a fascinating read. These tell who they are, and how and why they fell for each other. 
L-R: Amanda (Atheist having New Darwinism spectrum) + Craig (Afrocentric Spirituality)

Photos courtesy:

Some of the couples mentioned there, in black-and-white photos and texts, come from following religious backgrounds: Jewish + Catholic, Muslim + Catholic, liberal and non-traditional Muslim + Greek Orthodox, Catholic + Agnostic, Jew-tile (Jew and gentile) + humanistic Jew, Atheist but culturally Jew + Aboriginal Anishnawbe Spiritality, and Catholic + Hindu.

You may visit the website, Interlove, to see the photos of these mixed faith couples and read their stories in detail.

More couples of interfaith backgrounds in Ontario can also visit this website and provide their details for inclusion in it.

Those who are photophiles (lovers of photographs) and want to see more photo projects of this same photographer, may visit his other website, called Colin Boyd Shafer.

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