Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bengali Language in Bangladesh Is Losing Its Importance

 A weekly 'Bangla Kagoj' article on the waning position of the Bangla (Bengali) language in Bangladesh (Click on the above images to read them in an expanded format)
Through struggle and blood, the Bangla (Bengali) language earned its rightful place as one of the two state language of Pakistan after 1952.

Salam Saleh Uddin, in his Bengali-language article, published in the weekly Bangla Kagoj (February 17, 2015), provides the background of this language movement in Bangladesh culminating in the independence of the country in 1971 and Bengali being its sole state language.

The writer then demonstrates with facts and reasoning how the preeminence of this language in the country is gradually being jeopardized by unfocused and unthoughtful government policies and decisions. He says among 114 universities in the country, only 18 have the Bengali as a subject in the curricula. This is all the more shameful because countries around the world in every February 21 observe the International Mother Language Day following Bangladesh's example of the Bengali language movement

In addition, the globalization with its free economy and incursion of the international communication media (Internet, TV and films), the Bengali language in Bangladesh is under aggression from both English and Hindi languages.

To read the complete article of the Bangla Kagoj in an expanded format, you may click on the two images above.

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