Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ghost Apparitions Caught on Cameras

A ghost appearing on a staircase
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Every culture has its own version of ghost stories that are passing down to next generations for centuries. Some of these stories are plausible, others are not. Yet, people are fascinated by these stories and they like these hair-raising narratives.

Recently, the Espanola (in New Mexico, USA) police station security camera at night captured a white figure easily passing through several metal enclosers from one end to the other without triggering any alarm. (Click on the first item below).

In this modern age with scientific and technological advances, the idea of ghosts is losing its currency all over the world. Certain religions, especially Christianity, specifically speaks of the life after death -- the life that is eternal. 

When I was a child in my village in Rangamatia (in the district of Gazipur, Bangladesh), I used to hear ghost stories from elders. Our Catholic parish church has a cemetery in the intersection of two canals. Elders would say that certain relatives of theirs saw ghost apparitions in the past. When passing by the cemetery in the dark, they saw ghosts in white shrouds appearing from nowhere and walking in front of them! These figures would walk in suspended motion above the ground and their feet were turned backwards.We experienced a lot of goose bumps listening to these creepy stories and we were afraid of the dark for quite some time. 

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