Monday, January 13, 2014

Book on 1971 War Babies of Bangladesh to be Published Soon

Mustafa Chowdhury, author of a book on 1971 Bangladesh war babies adopted in Canada

Mr. Mustafa Chowdhury, a retired Canadian Federal Government public servant and a freelance researcher and writer, has written a book on 1971 war babies of Bangladesh adopted in Canada in 1972. This book gives the background and status of the war babies as well as their own and their adoptee familes' testimonies. The University Press Limited of Dhaka, Bangladesh, is publishing this book this year.

War babies are children born of Bangladeshi women who had been raped by West Pakistani soldiers and their local collaborators. These babies were born or taken care of in Mother Teresa's Shishu Babhans (children's homes) and other institutions. Since Bangladeshis were reluctant in accepting them as their own, these babies were given for adoptions in families of Western countries, including Canada. These babies are now more than 40 years old.

In an interview with the ATN television station, Mr. Chowdhury speaks in detail about this book. You may watch the video at War Babies of Bangladesh Interview With Mustafa Chowdhury on ATN Bangla

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