Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Non-Violent Silent Protester Takes on Canadian Govt. Bureaucracy

Seraphin the lone and silent protester in his chair in front of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General's building in Toronto
Seraphin with his protest message

With another protest message

Photo (Toronto: July 12 & 16, 2013) © Jerome D'Costa

Seraphin, a mid-sized bearded protester, originally from Poland, has been in continuous protest in front of the Ontario Attorney General’s Office on the Bay Street of Toronto for two hours a day for the last six months. He sits on the sidewalk on a small folding chair with his slogans hanging in front and back of him and he keeps on reading a book. A few walkers stop for a minute or two to read the slogans and keep on moving. Some stop in front of him and ask him questions to know about his protest. He only talks when someone asks him questions.

Seraphin lived in Poland during the Communist rule and knows well about the Soviet-influenced government bureaucracy there. He is quite frustrated with and alarmed at the democratic Canadian government bureaucracy that totally ignores him or his issues. He demands public accountability and response to citizens’ needs. He wants the Canadian government to follow the UN guidelines, called “Principles for Bureaucracy.”

 When I saw him today, he was in his chair reading Jim Marrs’ book The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America.

“I’m going to continue my protest until the government listens to me and takes action,” he says firmly.

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