Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Barack Obama Wins Re-election

 President Barack Obama, Democratic Party nominee, got re-elected in 2012 election
Mitt Romney, Republican Party nominee for President in 2012 election
Artworks (Toronto: Oct. 22, 2012) © Joachim Romeo D'Costa

U.S. President Barack Obama in the country-wide election yesterday has been re-elected for the next four years defeating his opponent Republican nominee Mitt Romney. In the neck and neck election campaign, President Barack Obama received 303 electoral college votes and Mitt Romney 206 votes. According to the CNN, so far, the President received 60,451,292 popular votes while Mitt Romney received 57,646,397 votes.
The election came to an end after a bitter partisan fight between these two parties, a lot of acrimony, and attack advertisements in the media.

Now both the President with his democratic party and the opposition Republican party need to work together to redress the economic downturn and take the country forward. President in his victory speech promised to reach out and work together with the Republicans. Mitt Romney, conceding, defeat, also promised to work with the President and his party for the greater good of the country.

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