Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Photo Meditation of the Month (Ocober, 2012): THE AUTUMNAL BEAUTY

Fallen leaves of the Autumn of 2012
Photo (Toronto: October 29, 2012) © Jerome D'Costa

The Autumn season in popularly known as the Fall season. In this season, trees shed their leaves as the winter approaches in cold countries. Before the leaves fall, they turn from green to different other colours. Certain tree leaves take on the yellow colour, some red, some brown and others pink.

It's a thrilling experience to observe these leaves in a varied shapes and colours. The horizon takes on a heavenly look. When the wind blows, leaves fall in great numbers. The ground underneath trees wears a carpet of colourful fallen leaves.

This natural activity is the extension of God's creation on earth. The Fall, like other seasons, sings the praise of God and demonstrates his beauty. Let's appreciate this beauty with our mind, body and spirit. The more we appreciate it, the humbler we become.

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