Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Photo Meditation of the Month (September, 2012): WOMEN

A woman weeding her own garden at Piprashoir Village of Kaliganj District, Bangladesh
Photo (January 11, 2012) © Jerome D'Costa

Women consist of about 50% of the population. They are created by God to be with men and share the resources of the earth. They are placed to be together in joys and hardships of life on earth. They are there to contribute toward the progress and prosperity of mankind.

Yet, in the present world we see, in spite of all the advancement of education, science, theology, social science and others, women are being exploited, mostly by men, for their own ends. In many societies, women are second-class members in their own families, they are second-class citizens in their own countries. They don’t have any or enough rights to be themselves, to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Human trafficking is taking a toll of many a woman, they are being bought and sold like consumer goods. They are sexually abused, labourly abused and also abused educationally and financially. These societies, in particular, remain backward, tribal, brute and short. In materially and intellectually advanced countries, too, women still need to gain their proper place.

Equitable opportunities, nurture, and respect for women’s rights can take the world to a higher plane. The world can then be a much more humane, peaceful and fruitful place.

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