Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nick Wallenda Crosses the Niagara Falls On a Tightrope

The Niagara Falls as it looked last night
Nick Wallenda walking on the two-inch thick wire from US side to Canada
Nick Wallenda walking through the wind and heavy mist coming from the Falls
Happy Nick Wallenda on the Canadian side after completing his feat successfully
Photos courtesy: CTV, Canada

Nick Wallenda, an American high-wire walker, successfully walked from the US side to the Canadian side on a high wire last night in spite of strong wind and heavy mist. His 1,800 feet high-wire feat was witnessed by about 100,000 spectators on both sides of the US and Canada border near the Niagara Falls and millions of TV-viewers all over the world. 

Between 1857 and 1896, five men and one woman crossed the Niagara Falls gorge on high wire, Nick Wallenda is the first person to cross it over the Niagara Falls. 

To know more on Nick Wallenda and his feat, you may read the National Post write-ups.

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