Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Summer Gardening in Canada Can Be Vegitably Enjoyable -- 3

Here are more samples of produces from our garden:

Water spinach (called puishak in Bengali) can be grown in pots, too (Photo: August 7, 2010)
Okras (or lady's fingers) also can be grown in pots (Photo: August 7, 2010)
Five okras just picked from the garden (Photo: September, 2002)
Cucumbers make a salad more palatable (Photo: September 3, 2002)
Oval-shaped eggplants (Photo: August 8, 2011)
Long eggplants (Photo: August 7, 2010)
Bitter gourds (or bitter melons) (Photo: August 8, 2011)
Pole beans grow aplenty (Photo: October 10, 2011)
Swiss chard (Photo: October 10, 2011)
Sweet potatoes (Photo: October 10, 2011)
Chinese gourd almost as long as a young boy (October, 2001)
The same boy with another Chinese gourd ten years later (Photo: August 10, 2011)
A green pumpkin with three Chinese gourds (September 18, 2011)
A good harvest of vegetables (September, 2003)
Zucchinis can be so large and heavy! (September 3, 2010)
First 14 Photos (Toronto: 2001-2011) © Jerome D'Costa

(The End)         

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