Monday, May 21, 2012

The Summer Gardening in Canada Can Be Vegitably Enjoyable -- 2

The attention, love, patience and work that go into gardening are rewarded with yields of a variety of vegetables.

When you get the first crop of these vegetables, grown by your own hands, you receive the same pleasure, satisfaction and pride in seeing your child immediately after its birth! Those who gardened before know it too well. You still don’t believe it? I bet, you do it first and see how you feel about it.

A few samples of our crop yields in the last decade are shown below:

Vegetable plants in full growth in our garden (Photo: August 5, 2003)
Juicy red tomatoes (Photo: August 7, 2010)
More red tomatoes and cherry tomatoes (Photo: August 10, 2010)
Different types of tomatoes (Photo: August 10, 2011)
Zucchinis grow prolifically (Photo: July 25, 2010)
(Top row) Zucchinis, (bottom row) five cucumbers and two tomatoes (Photo: July 25, 2010)
A squash (we can call it 'pumpkin') hanging from a vine (Photo: August 15, 2009)
An edible flower of the same squash plant shown above (Photo: August 15, 2009)
Two different types of pumpkins grown in the garden (Photo: October, 2002)
A green pumpkin of another variety (Photo: September 18, 2011)
Four pumpkins, five bitter gourds (also called bitter melons), five okras (also known as lady's fingers or gumbos), and five eggplants (also called aubergines or brinjals) (Photo: August 8, 2011)
The same four pumpkins, as shown above, turned to reddish yellow colour with more aging (Photo: October 5, 2011)
Red and white onions (Photo: August 24, 2010)
Hot chillies (Photo: September 3, 2010)
All photos (Toronto) © Jerome D'Costa


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