Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Poem of the Month (May, 2012)

Doodle (Dhaka: February 4, 1994) © Jerome D'Costa


“Oh, do you know?”
“Oh, did you hear?”
“Do you know what happened?”
“I’ve something interesting to tell you!”
These are all introductory talk to get the attention of the listener.

The content of the talk veers on hearsay, made-up stories,
Incomplete information, a mixture of truths and half-truths,
Innuendos and insinuations galore,
Embellished and unflattering news about one’s neighbour.

Although this is the product of an active mind of the gossiper,
It’s cooking up of stories about the gossipee.
This way, the gossiper gives away his or her inner self,
Which is disrespectful, vindictive and short.

The gossiper has “I’m-better-than-thou” attitude,
Who wants peace of mind, an emptying of the jar
By vomiting all the lengthy tales accumulated inside.
The peace of mind comes for a while only,
But again, as if by default, he or she engages in the same practice.

Gossiping is such a waste of time, energy and creativity.
It is so much of demeaning of oneself and stooping down below the gossipee,
In spite of having better things to say and better things to do --
That would really uplift oneself to a more humane level.

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