Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brother Shyamol James Gomes, CSC: A Budding Artist With a Promise

Brother Shyamol James Gomes, CSC
Brother Shyamol James Gomes, CSC, (27),  is a student of Fine Arts at the University of Development Alternative (UODA), Dhaka, with a major in drawing and painting. In course of his study he has been practising his craft regularly.

I came across his range of art work when I was at St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School compound at Mohammadpur, Dhaka, in January last. I was impressed with his work that shows a bright promise in   future.

This budding artist, if he continues his art work relentlessly in spite of his service as a Religious Brother, will be an asset for the Catholic Church in Bangladesh. He will be able to inspire Christian youths to go for studies in art, painting and sculpture, where only few have ventured so far. Besides, he will also be able to paint on religious themes for the local Church needs.

Brother Gomes is short in stature with a head full of black hair and equally black beard on his face. Sometimes he looks submerged in thoughtful mood. This may be due to his mind busy with new ideas for more artwork.

Born at the village of Bangalhawala under Tumilia Catholic parish of Gazipur District, Bangladesh, Brother Gomes received inspiration for drawing and painting from his father. “My father is a natural artist who inspired me. I got it genetically from him. I showed an interest in studying fine arts and the Holy Cross Brothers authority permitted me to do so,” he says with a smile.

A few samples of drawing and painting of Brother Shyamol James Gomes, CSC, are presented below for your perusal:

Brother Shyamol Gomes with his painting of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Brother in front of another of his painting

A Honda motorcycle

Bengali poet Nirmalendu Goon, Dhaka
 Jesus Christ on the cross
Madonna: Baby Jesus Christ with his mother Mary
A fisherman
Fruits and vegetables
A road in Dhaka
A portrait of St. Brother Andre, CSC
A village lady
Aroz Ali Matubbor: a rustic rationalistic thinker and writer of Bangladesh
Dr. Humayun Azad: Bengali professor at the University of Dhaka 
A boy in glasses
A smiling Jesus Christ
A lonely tree
Zainul Abedin: Bangladeshi artist and painter
A boy in close-up
Another portrait
A section of Dhaka City

A pose
In defiance: Statues in Dhaka
A poster for the Independence Day of Bangladesh (March 26)
Photos (Dhaka: The first three photos from the top 
taken by Ujjal Peter D'Costa on January 4, 2012 
and the remaining 21 photos taken 
by Jerome D'Costa on January 8, 2012)

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