Friday, April 6, 2012

Today Is the Good Friday

The Good Friday is the second day of the Easter Triduum. On this day, Christians commemorate the trial and death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion. In his honour, many Christians make sacrifice by fasting and abstaining from eating meat.

Christians, especially Roman Catholics, in their church services listen to the reading of the passion and death of Jesus. They also participate in and meditate on the Way of the Cross. They venerate the cross, as the symbol of Christ’s passion and death and reflect on its effect on their lives.

In spite of Jesus’s suffering and death on this day, it is called ‘Good Friday’ because Jesus, through his death, brought the remission of sins and salvation for mankind. So, the Good Friday brings hope for many of his followers.

St. Lawrence the Martyr Church in Toronto is jam-packed on April 6, 2012 during the Good Friday church service
After this Holy Communion service, the faithful will venerate the cross, unveiled and kept in the middle of the church
These two stained glass windows in the church depict the scourging and nailing of Jesus on the cross, which are the main theme of the Good Friday
Photos (Toronto: April 6, 2012) © Jerome D'Costa

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