Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Poem of the Month (February, 2012): Homs, O Homs!

Homs, O Homs!

By Jerome D'Costa

You’re an ancient city of Syria,
Who gave birth, breast-fed and nurtured so many
Of your varied inhabitants
For hundreds of years.

You’re now being assaulted and raped
And your children being bombarded, killed and maimed
By the killing machine of President Bashar al-Assad
Who unabashedly denies his atrocities to the world.

Why so much pain and suffering?
Because your sons and daughters are seeking freedom and equality.
They want to breathe fresh and clean air
As they felt suffocated from injustice, repression and discrimination.

Persist in your efforts, make more sacrifices,
Face death but don’t give up!
Keep to your principles,
You’ll succeed at last.

A day will come
When all sufferings will end,
And peace will prevail
When resurrection will replace death and destruction.

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