Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Poem of the Month (November, 2011): THE WORLD OF 'I'

Design (Toronto: Nov. 30, 2011) © Jerome D'Costa

The World of 'I'

By Jerome D'Costa

The world is basically of ‘I,’
First, it is ‘I am,’ then it is ‘You are.'
The world gives too much emphasis on ‘I,’
Regarding resources, food, health, clothing,
Housing, education and rights.

The ‘I’ attitude is breeding selfishness, greed,
Pride, arrogance and self-gratification,
Depriving innumerable others, even ruining others,
Who are voiceless, vulnerable and marginalized.

The world of “I’ brings in corruption, scandal,
Domination, repression, persecution, deprival,
War, famine, disease, and man-made global warming.

The world can be a wonderful place to live,
If, instead of narcissism, there were selfless love,
Sacrifice, cooperation, tolerance and sharing.
Then the world of ‘I’ would turn to be the world of ‘we.’

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