Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Photo Meditation of the Month (November, 2011): WINDOW CLEANERS

A window washer on a scaffold at the Bay Street, Toronto
Photo (Toronto: June 16, 2011) © Jerome D'Costa

Call them window cleaners, call them window washers -- they are of the same profession and work. They can be seen on scaffolds hanging from high-rise buildings and skyscrappers all over the world.

These men take bold risks in this cleaning business. They stand on scaffolds hanging down with strong ropes from top of the building. They have a pulley system to go up or down according to their need.

When I see them scrubbing, brushing and rinsing glass windows several stories high, I shudder but, at the same time, I marvel at their fait accompli.

Sometimes there is a news on how some ropes give way and the cleaners with their scaffolds fall to the ground with deadly consequences. Can you imagine how their families suffer?

In spite of such a danger and risk, window washers take their job seriously. Risking their lives, they are giving a service to humanity. Such risk takers are making our lives easy. We definitely need to appreciate their work and give them proper respect.

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